Milred’s, Soho

Ah Soho. I’m there mid-week. It’s 6.30 when office workers think “I’ll pop for a quick bite rather than brave rush hour”. And I’m looking at a the most popular vegetarian restaurant in Soho that doesn’t take reservations.

So went it last week as we ventured out to Mildred’s, the vegetarian/vegan/organic/superfood that people have been telling me about for a while. We’d tried twice before, in similar circumstances (Just take reservations, please..) only to give up when hunger pangs turned into hanger and nearly into a nervous breakdown as we stood in the tiny entrance being jostled with all the other people waiting for a table. It’s definitely a popular place.
This time, though, we stuck it out. Once we managed to edge our way through the throngs at the entrance and wave down the seating puppet master we were in. Nearly. 45 minute wait? “No problem” I say out loud, “Oh Christ” I say inside.
This guy is seriously on it; his master organisational skills and tetris like approach to seating his waiting guests meant after only a 20 minute wait, we really were in.
The food is a simple menu.  Mainly vegetarian and vegan (although there are a few fish/meat options for those less flora-centric) it’s a clean eaters dream. You can pretty much order anything on the menu. You do not have to use a cheat meal on this evening out. Hello mama.

What did we get? Curry (sweet potato, clean, delicious), Gyoza (light bite starter), and vegetable stir fry. The curry and gyoza you can’t really fail at, but what I was impressed with was the stir-fry. Easy to make bland (a.k.a “healthy” at most places) this was the total opposite. Full of flavour and teamed with my holy grail: brown rice.

Everything on the menu looked fresh, clean, healthy.  We should have ordered more, because it’ll be 2019 before we brave the queues again.

Pro tip: go at 11.45 for lunch, after 20.30 for dinner, and probably not at all on the weekend (unless it’s sunny and you can sit in the sun and sip a gin and slim)

Clean eating friendly? Yes
Veggie friendly? Yes!
Delicious? Yes
Why should I go there? If you have a lot of time to queue, every day for lunch or dinner. It’s really good food..




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