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The Detox Kitchen, Soho

Ladies’ lunch date? Trying to eat healthily?

Often a conundrum when I’m going out with friends…. how I can suggest somewhere that means we avoid a gallon of wine or the “well, we could share chips” conversation? (But not be that person who makes everyone eat a salad). Well The Detox Kitchen could be the answer I’ve been looking for. Originally a healthy food delivery service, they now have two delis you can sit in; Kingly St Soho or Harvey Nichols. They certainly know their target market.

I went for a post-xmas lunch date with my best friend, after a week of us both complaining about the volume or holiday food we’d been eating while simulatenously reaching for the next block of brie. I love christmas, but something needed to be done to get back on the clean track.

Light, bright, and oozing health, it’s a fab clean lunch spot. They develop the food menu fresh everyday, and have a whole wall of fruit and veg smoothie options. We were starving so went for it all: soup of the day (carrot, sweet potato and corn, possibly one of the best soups I’ve ever eaten. Although I make a mean one 😉 ) , Grilled pesto chicken and quinoa salad, and a super detox green smoothie. It was all amazing. Filling, protein rich and full of taste. A must-know if you’re trying to eat clean in London.

Not the cheapest (£25 for a starter, mains and a smoothie for lunch seemed a little steep given that it is actually a cafe – the queue stand directly next to the diners, who perch on little stools) but let’s face it, in my previous life I’d have dropped that on a pizza and a bottle of wine in a heartbeat.

Clean eating friendly? Yes
Veggie friendly? Yes
Delicious? Yes
Why should I go there? Lunch date with girl friends, work-lunch take away, shopping pit stop.  Don’t take a steak lover. It’s a lunch cafe.


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