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Experimenting in the kitchen

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As I’ve grown more confident in my clean cooking skills I’m finding the ‘first attempt’ at new recipes is working. Hooray! It’s a special kind of joy when you find you’re getting good at your hobby – I feel like I’m quite a good cook now! 🙂 Turn the clock back even two years ago and you’d be hard pressed to find me in the kitchen…I just wasn’t a fan. Now I can’t wait to try new recipes!

I learnt to cook clean by doing one easy thing: taking recipes I already enjoyed and swapping out non-clean ingredients. After doing this for a while I’ve learnt what works, what doesn’t, and more than I ever thought I would about flavours that go together – it’s all about finding that combo that makes a dish ping! (Like discovering the joy of parsley & tomato, thank you Honestly Healthy!)

Here are some simple swaps I go through when I first try to cook a new clean recipe – try them out!

Can I swap….?

  • Gluten free nut flour – You can replace like for like of almond flour for regular flour. Coconut flour (another favourite of mine) is a bit trickier. This amazing blog is a great place to start to learn how to use it.
  • Sugar alternatives – replace any refined sugar with agave syrup or honey.
  • “Good” Carbs – Swap out sweet potato for any potatoes, cauliflower rice for rice, and quinoa for anything else. Throw out all your white pasta for wholewheat or spelt alternatives.
  • Lean meat – Turkey will be your new favourite meat. It’s really lean, and packed with protein. Try a version of your favourite food and see changes straight away – most supermarkets will sell turkey mince too for all your lasagne/burger needs 🙂
  • Chocolate flavouring – replace chocolate with carob or cacao powder.
  • Spice it up – Add chilli powder or cayenne to spice up your meal – the heat will increase your metabolism.
  • “Cheese” – nutritional yeast (the vegan favourite) makes a ‘cheese’ sauce with no cheese in it!

If you’re just starting out cooking clean, I hope these help. Let me know what you make – happy cooking!


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