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Turmeric pancakes

Turmeric Pancake

I fell in love with Ethiopian food recently, after a friend took me to a little place on the Caledonian Road, London. It’s wonderful; deep flavourful curries and stews which you eat with (and on) an Injera. An Injera, if you’re like me and never heard of the food before, is a sourdough-risen flatbread. To me it felt like a slightly spongey large pancake. It was delicious.

Anyway, for weeks after we went I couldn’t stop thinking about the food. So, I got to thinkin’ how I could bring a little Ethiopian-ness to my kitchen. The solution – make pancakes to eat with curry, giving the ‘Injera experience’. I’m a pancake fiend so there wasn’t one bit of this plan I didn’t like.

By throwing in turmeric you have the added benefit of feeding your body its health and body-boosting benefits, and it turns the pancakes a gorgeous yellow/orange colour. Another interesting addition (depending on the curry you make) is to replace turmeric with garlic. Yum all round.

Makes 12 pancakes

  • 125 oz / 1 cup x almond / wholewheat / plain flour (going up from most clean to least clean)
  • 1 x egg
  • 1 tsp x salt
  • 3 tsp x turmeric
  • 300ml / 1 cup almond milk

In a bowl, whisk the egg.

Add the flour and spices and mix together using a whisk.

Add the milk gradually, whisking as you go. Keep mixing until the batter is smooth and runny enough that it runs off the back of a spoon.

On the hob, heat a frying pan to a medium heat. Spoon the pancake mixture out into the pan, turning the pan to make a nice thin crepe.

Cook for 1-2 minutes, or until the pancake is cooked on one side, then flip and cook the other side for 30s – 1 min.

Repeat for each pancake.

Serve on a plate with your curry and enjoy the Injera feeling (and go try Ethiopian food for a treat meal!)


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