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Jamie’s Everyday Super Food: Green Tea Soaked Salmon

I love a new cookery book. Even better when the cover is a bright happy blue. Jamie Oliver is one of my favourite chefs, I’m obsessed with 15 minute meals (easy and delicious, amiright?) so I’ve been so excited by his latest book Everyday Super Food. After it was released I had my knee operation so wasn’t really feeling being in a kitchen for a while (or rather, couldn’t stand up for longer than 3 minutes) so I only just bought the book over Christmas.


Jamie Oliver SuperFoods.jpg

I love it. For those that are already ‘into’ healthy eating, I’d say that around 1/2 of the book are things you’ll already know how to cook (avocado on toast, come on Jamie!), but the rest of the recipes are fantastic. And as it’s Jamie they are all things that make you go ‘mmm’ – especially with the gorgeous photos that go with it.

What I really love is on each recipe he’s included the calorie and nutritional breakdown, so you can see exactly what you’re eating and pick the recipes accordingly. All the recipes are made to fit into a healthy meal plan, so breakfasts are all up to 400 calories, with lunch and dinner 600 calories and under. I’m not a believer in calorie counting, but if you’re trying to cut down on ‘bad food’ this is a great rule of thumb and a good way to start learning about what types of food are best for health nutrition.

Today I had some friends over for lunch so thought I’d break out the book, cooking Green tea roasted salmon – ginger rice and sunshine salad. Everyone was on the January health kick, and we had a Pescatarian at the table, so boom, job done.

Tea stained salmon

The recipes are really easy to follow and this one was particularly delicious. I’ll be using the ginger rice to put a little extra oomph into boring old brown rice in the future (cook rice, fry ginger, add rice, cook for 3 mins – simples)!

What I really like are the little additions that only Jamie would do; this is baked salmon but with a little twist – rub green tea on it. Amazing. (and adding anti-oxidants to that protein and omega 3s!)

Get it, read it, make something from it. Yay for Jamie Oliver.



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