Rebounding – jumping and bouncing into summer

Rebounding exercise class

They say the best way to exercise is to find something that doesn’t seem like exercise, but feels just like fun. Well, enter stage right: Rebounding.

Rebounding is a low impact cardio workout, where you spend about 30 minutes jumping on a mini trampoline. It’s basically the most fun you can have at the gym. At my gym they’ve started a half an hour class on a Sunday, and last weekend I went to try it out.

It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s phenomenal.

Blank square

The class felt like it went by in only a few minutes, you’re bouncing, you’re jumping, I was really just having a load of fun. It’s like being a kid!

My heart was racing through the class; the constant jumping is teamed with an aerobic ‘step’ style routine, meaning you don’t stop once through the class. I’m not very coordinated, so getting the moves right took quite a bit of concentration, but because it’s fun (who doesn’t love jumping on a trampoline!) you don’t even realise how much you’re working out, or mind that much if your arms and legs aren’t moving perfectly. At the end of the class I checked my Garmin and had burnt over 200 calories in 25 minutes of jumping – wow! Rebounding is reported to not only be a great way to burn calories fast, it’s great for your heart and your circulation, and for boosting your immune system by getting your lymphatic system going full pace.

It’s a great workout for people who need low impact / no impact sports, I’m still recovering from my knee operation and the soft bouncing meant my knees were absolutely fine. I’ve even heard of it being a great and safe class for pregnancy, as you never bounce too high off the trampoline.

In London you can find rebounding classes at Frame, Better, Slice Studios, and Rebounce amongst others. It’s a great and different class to slip into a weekly routine, and is genuinely for everyone.

I’m sold, and can’t wait for next week.



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