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Hand Made Food, Blackheath


Ever since I moved south(east) of the River I get very excited when anything new and/or cool comes this way.

So imagine my happiness when I saw Blackheath as an option on Time Out’s Local eats competition. Huzzah! We’ve made it guys. I had the same reaction as when we saw our first millennial with a beard and no socks shopping in our local Sainsburys. Or when the sushi bar opened on the high street. Pretty damn excited. I miss Hackney sometimes.

Hand Made Food was shortlisted (and would go on to win, with the announcement made just days after we dined there) for Best Local Eats in the area. It’s a great cafe/restaurant/shop, with nice ethical sustainable beliefs when it comes to their food. I made a reservation then and there for dinner.

Cut to the day and after an afternoon of prancing around the heath (my favourite place in London), off we go to Hand Made Food for dinner. The food is all locally, sustainably sourced, with a menu that changes depending on the food they’ve bought that week. I love this kind of thing; you can keep going back and back to the same restaurant and always discover something new (Like Carousel, the absolute dreamboat).


It’s a simple home cookin’ menu – warm, hearty bowls that fill you up, and a really smashing wine list. I went pescetarian and had a gorgeous fish dish of halibut, crispy potatoes, rainbow chard and girolles. He (obviously) went for the steak which looked amazing, and came with the second best mashed potato I’ve ever tried (the best is still my mum’s, obviously.)

By day, the restaurant serves a brilliant healthy brunch – cue hipster avocados and sour-bread toast, eggs, and jams. Good coffee.

In the eve, the lights go down and the space turns into a wine bar and restaurant. It’s set in one of the small shops along the main strip in Blackheath, so the space is little but has been curated gorgeously. You pick your way along the narrow wooden staircase to the first floor dining room, which is filled with little wooden tables. It feels a bit like a tea room…but with better and more minimal furniture. Toilets are nice (always a factor in a good restaurant), which I should know as I accidentally got trapped inside.

They have a set meal in the eve – two courses for £24, three for £29.50, so it’s a really affordable night out.

Hand Made Food (1).png

Oh, and the crockery is to die for.

Health guy meal? Yes, good quality, hearty food. Skip dessert if you need to.

Veggie friendly? Yep! One meat, one fish, one veggie.

But I want chocolate? The desserts are a bit of alright. Hearty home cooked pudding.

Delicious? Oh yes yes yes

Why should I go there? Wrap a scarf on and feel all wintery on date night.



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