Dinner money: Could you live on £20 a week?

A while ago I read this fascinating article by David Cohen from the Evening Standard (@cohenstandard) on living on the tight food budget that far too many people face now a days. For seven days he lived off a £20 food budget. Total. That’s seven breakfasts, seven lunches, seven dinners, snacks, drinks, anything. To summarise: it was… Continue reading Dinner money: Could you live on £20 a week?


Raw cacao ‘no chocolate’ chocolate

I’ve been trying to make home made chocolate for a while, but it always felt like it would be complicated. Stop what you’re doing right now and listen…. it isn’t. It couldn’t be easier to make! Vegan friendly and dairy free, and it tastes (I think) better than chocolate – no guilts. Cacao has loads of… Continue reading Raw cacao ‘no chocolate’ chocolate

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What happened when I went Sugar Free for a month

In April I decided to go refined sugar free. Thirty days of no chocolate, no alcohol, no sweets, no cake. I’ve done stints of no alcohol (usually Dry January after the Christmas indulgence) but never everything all at once. I wasn’t sure how I’d find it, as snacking on chocolate had become an almost daily… Continue reading What happened when I went Sugar Free for a month


Rebounding – jumping and bouncing into summer

They say the best way to exercise is to find something that doesn’t seem like exercise, but feels just like fun. Well, enter stage right: Rebounding. Rebounding is a low impact cardio workout, where you spend about 30 minutes jumping on a mini trampoline. It’s basically the most fun you can have at the gym.… Continue reading Rebounding – jumping and bouncing into summer

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Turkey Mince. Lean, mean, clean.

I love chilli. Hearty and happy, it’s one of those meals that everyone (and I mean everyone, veggies look over here at my vegetable chilli) enjoys eating. We have chilli most weeks in our house – it’s a great weekday meal as usually it’ll do a few meals – and usually tastes better the second… Continue reading Turkey Mince. Lean, mean, clean.