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Gluten-free cacao pancakes

These cacao gluten-free ‘chocolate pancakes’ are such a winner. Absolutely delicious and with absolutely nothing naughty in them. Perfect! Make these and feel like you’ve just had the biggest treat – but actually you’re being the most healthy and clean-eating breakfaster you can be. The coconut flour means gluten intolerant eaters won’t have any trouble and… Continue reading Gluten-free cacao pancakes

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Clean cinnamon oatmeal “breakfast crumble” aka Oatmeal Bake

Oats are one of the best breakfasts you can have to power up for the day, fill your belly and stop you from snacking. It’s the best. However, my adventurous side has always fallen short when it comes to how to serve the “most important meal of the day”, going for: a) Gruel. Oats + water,… Continue reading Clean cinnamon oatmeal “breakfast crumble” aka Oatmeal Bake