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Barre Chick

Stuck. That’s probably how I’d describe my fitness regime since the summer. Spin, swim, spin, spin, run. Probably skip that run and go for a spin instead. This isn’t a knock about spin class (because it’s my absolute favourite class to do ever) but…I’m definitely in an exercise rut. Plateau-ing my PT chum happily tells… Continue reading Barre Chick



Rebounding – jumping and bouncing into summer

They say the best way to exercise is to find something that doesn’t seem like exercise, but feels just like fun. Well, enter stage right: Rebounding. Rebounding is a low impact cardio workout, where you spend about 30 minutes jumping on a mini trampoline. It’s basically the most fun you can have at the gym.… Continue reading Rebounding – jumping and bouncing into summer

Chatter · fitness

What wearable activity tracker should I buy?

I’ve wanted to buy an activity tracker for a while. I love all that stuff: quantifying exactly what you’re eating (MyFitnessPal addict), doing, and achieving. There’s no doubt in my mind that the gamification of exercise and setting yourself clear targets and competitions gets you moving that little bit more, that little bit further and… Continue reading What wearable activity tracker should I buy?