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Nordic Bakery oatcake – made clean and gluten free!

So I started working in Soho and just round the corner from me is the incredible Nordic Bakery. My boyfriend kept saying in the run up to me starting my role that I had to go there, so once I’d settled in I tottered round to see what they were saying. I stuck my head in… Continue reading Nordic Bakery oatcake – made clean and gluten free!

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Gluten-free cacao pancakes

These cacao gluten-free ‘chocolate pancakes’ are such a winner. Absolutely delicious and with absolutely nothing naughty in them. Perfect! Make these and feel like you’ve just had the biggest treat – but actually you’re being the most healthy and clean-eating breakfaster you can be. The coconut flour means gluten intolerant eaters won’t have any trouble and… Continue reading Gluten-free cacao pancakes