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Hand Made Food, Blackheath

Ever since I moved south(east) of the River I get very excited when anything new and/or cool comes this way. So imagine my happiness when I saw Blackheath as an option on Time Out’s Local eats competition. Huzzah! We’ve made it guys. I had the same reaction as when we saw our first millennial with a beard… Continue reading Hand Made Food, Blackheath



Dinner money: Could you live on £20 a week?

A while ago I read this fascinating article by David Cohen from the Evening Standard (@cohenstandard) on living on the tight food budget that far too many people face now a days. For seven days he lived off a £20 food budget. Total. That’s seven breakfasts, seven lunches, seven dinners, snacks, drinks, anything. To summarise: it was… Continue reading Dinner money: Could you live on £20 a week?


Rebounding – jumping and bouncing into summer

They say the best way to exercise is to find something that doesn’t seem like exercise, but feels just like fun. Well, enter stage right: Rebounding. Rebounding is a low impact cardio workout, where you spend about 30 minutes jumping on a mini trampoline. It’s basically the most fun you can have at the gym.… Continue reading Rebounding – jumping and bouncing into summer

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Turkey Mince. Lean, mean, clean.

I love chilli. Hearty and happy, it’s one of those meals that everyone (and I mean everyone, veggies look over here at my vegetable chilli) enjoys eating. We have chilli most weeks in our house – it’s a great weekday meal as usually it’ll do a few meals – and usually tastes better the second… Continue reading Turkey Mince. Lean, mean, clean.

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Keeping it clean – 8 rules of healthy eating

Healthy eating (whether that’s clean, paleo, IIFYM, whatever floats your boat…) really doesn’t have to be that difficult. Eating right (especially if you’re trying to lose a few extra pounds) isn’t just having plain salads and dry chicken. As I’ve taught myself the clean way of eating (mantra: “It’s a lifestyle, not a diet”) it’s just been a case… Continue reading Keeping it clean – 8 rules of healthy eating